What’s your Von Bismark Tech Age?

by Kate Enright

At Von Bismark we are obsessed with connecting the worlds of offline and online through installations that really engage people. We recently teamed up with AIB in the launch of the new “AIB Lab” in Dundrum Town Centre. The Lab is the first of its kind in Ireland and is dedicated to helping customers get to grips with the bank’s current and future digital services. They are doing this is a physical space to allow for real one-on-one interaction with staff and training in the latest technology. The link between the banking giant and Von Bismark came from creative agency Rothco Social who are the driving force behind the launch campaign.

The AIB Lab in Dundrum Town Centre

The AIB Tech Lab, Dundrum Town Centre

For this launch we developed a platform that engages users in Dundrum Shopping Centre by asking them questions about their digital lives (Do you have a Facebook account?, Do you use twitter?). From their responses, we calculate the user’s “tech age” and then using some technical wizardry we age their faces according to the tech age provided.

Von Bismark’s Eoghan O Sullivan needs some time in the AIB Tech Lab it would seem

Von Bismark installation at the AIB Tech Lab Dundrum

Before and After..

The platform, as with all of Von Bismark’s installations, uses the Microsoft Kinect camera as well as a unique face again algorithm. This allows for engaging hands free interaction with the user as well as for valuable data collection on user types. The platform can gather physical statistics such as age and gender and then relay them to a central database for analysis.

The tech-age installation will only be at the Lab for 1 more weekend (3rd to 5th May) so come down and calculate yours.

For more on Von Bismark’s installations, take a look at www.vonbismark.com