Wardrobe 2.0 is here!

by Kate Enright


Von Bismark, one of only a handful of companies globally to have attained Microsoft Kinect Partnership status have just released their full Wardrobe 2.0solution.

After a year of incredible innovation and advancement, garnering nearly 150,000 users, Von Bismark and their partners at Box Technologies are back at the RBTE in London to launch the latest version of their augmented reality software for Retail. Last year the Dublin-based start-up launched their first solution in Beta at the RBTE, where they won the Innovation Showcase prize. Since then, Von Bismark has run installations in Liffey Valley Shopping centre, Hugo Boss, Louis Copeland and Funky Christmas Jumpers.

Carbury's Joyville Campaign!

Carbury’s Joyville Campaign!

Every fashionistas dream the Wardobe 2.0 allows consumers to physically try on digital clothing, cycling through hundreds of clothes in minutes and to share their shopping experiences online. This ground breaking technology takes advantage of the 3D depth information provided by Microsoft’s revolutionary camera – the Kinect. Using a mixture of live motion capture and augmented reality the Wardrobe 2.0 allows users to try on digital clothing, get reviews, recommendations and expert opinions on what matches from any digital screen. The Wardrobe 2.0 then lets users share their experiences with their friends through their preferred social networks as well as to purchase an item directly from the platform by adding it to an online shopping cart.

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

 “The Von Bismark Wardrobe 2.0 continues with our push for true multichannel in retail locations” says CEO Eoghan O’Sullivan. “We are always working towards a vision where consumers will no longer see the division between e-commerce and bricks and mortar. It will be a consistent experience, whether you are in store, at home or on the go via your mobile device. This convergence will make consumers happier and retailers more profitable, which is a win-win for everyone. The new release of the wardrobe takes advantage of the fact that people are buying more and more based on social recommendations and we want to help the retailer be a part of this process.”

Von Bismark Pulse

Von Bismark Pulse

The Wardrobe 2.0 can also be used to gather in-depth data on customers buying habits and demographics. Von Bismark can relay physical user statistics, age and gender demographics as well as a consumer’s product preferences straight back to a retailer. By sharing images of items socially the customer is spreading the brand details to their friends and followers in similar peer groups and data can be measured from social metrics such as Likes and click throughs on this also. Retailers can use these metrics to market more directly to consumers and can increase footfall, customer retention and sales.

The Von Bismark Wardrobe has been displayed at the Retail Business Technology Expo in Earls Court on the 12th and 13th of March.

The Wardrobe 2.0 – user demo video

For more information take a  at www.vonbismark.com