Wearable Tech Hits the Runway

by Kate Enright


Google Glasses – NY Fashion Week 2012

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is in fact a runway at New York Fashion Week and those are Google Glasses on those super models. Looks like the final gap was bridged between geek and chic when Diane Von Furstenburg added Google’s augmented reality headgear as part of her Spring 2013 collection this week.

In our last article on the physical web we explored the rising tide of wearable technology as well as augmented reality applications that are in effect digitising the physical world around us, making the web a natural part of our everyday lives. The fact they have been showcased in such a high profile and globally viewed event has shown us that it truly is hitting the mainstream. And one thing that may be surprising for those interested in design and hardware – it’s not from Apple. Maybe they have been too caught up in their iPhone 5 launch, or maybe they are biding their time but Google have become the flagship for augmented reality in the world of wearable technology. Not alone this, but they have made them so fashionable that they fit right in on a New York runway during fashion week. Kudos!

For more on Google’s project Glass check out this video outlining a day in the life of a wearer: