Von Bismark Wardrobe launches digital clothes in a physical space

by vonbismark


London 26/03/2012

Irish good news story, Von Bismark, have just launched their ground breaking Von Bismark Wardrobe product at the RBTE in Earls Court London. The VB wardrobe allows users to physically try on digital clothing using any TV or digital display and to share their shopping experiences with their friends through their preferred social network. The user also has the option to purchase the item they like by scanning the related QR code and adding it to their shopping cart. Version 1, the Von Bismark Accessorise, which allowed users to try on virtual accessories, was a huge hit Christmas shoppers in Dublin, with over 100,000 users and 7,000 pictures taken when launched in Liffey Valley shopping centre for 28 days in December 2011.

“The Virtual Wardrobe solution allows for true multichannel.” says CEO Eoghan O’Sullivan. “We are working towards a vision where consumers will be able to own their Von Bismark ‘Physical Passport’ once they have scanned themselves on our system, and use it in any online store, high-street space or on their mobile to purchase clothes that like and be 100% confident in the look and fit of the clothing.”

The great news for retailers is that Von Bismark gathers extremely in depth granular data from customers using the platform. Using the Kinect camera and Intel’s and Intel® AIM Suite’s facial recognition software Von Bismark can relay physical user statistics such as age, gender, height, the most popular items and tie all of these to a consumers digital signature such as a Facebook account or e-commerce site account. By sharing images socially the customer is spreading the brand details to their demographic and data can be measured from likes. Purchases are also measured through the system. Overall, retailers can use these metrics to market more directly to consumers and can increase customer retention and sales.

On the high-street, retailers with limited inventory capacity are under pressure from online vendors. These stores can use the Von Bismark platform to provide customers with the entire line virtually in-store to try on and purchase. This is exciting for retailers. “Von Bismark’s new virtual wardrobe means our customers can cycle through my stores stock in seconds,” says Louis Copland master tailor and successful retailer, “they can then try it and get their friends opinions by sharing pictures with them – making the whole shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we love it.”


The Von Bismark Wardrobe was displayed at the Retail Business Technology Expo in Earls Court in London last Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th of March. The industry reaction was very encouraging with interest from retailers, creative agencies and digital signage providers alike. Guests to the event were enthralled by demos and almost every passer-by stopped to use the platform. The Wardrobe is set the change the face of clothing retail and ensures a more secure future for high street retailers, while providing a more convenient solution for shoppers.

An image from the RBT Expo in London



The Virtual Wardrobe in action at RBTE