The rise of the virtual store in the physical world

by vonbismark

With new technology comes new opportunities in how to shape a consumers shopping habits into a mould that better suits their lifestyle. In a flavour of what is possible with Von Bismark’s virtual clothes stores – Tesco’s South Korean subsidiary Homeplus recently released a highly innovative virtual store. Targeting busy consumers where they have the most ‘dead time’, in the subway station. Printing and posting high res stickers across the walls of the subway Homeplus allowed shoppers to snap QR codes of the items they wanted, add them to a virtual Kart on their phone, purchase them and have them delivered by the time they got home. So without laying a brick or hiring a sales clerk Homeplus largely managed to replicate the experience of going to a store without any of the hassle.

The Results – a whopping 130% increase in online sales in 3 months.