VonBismark’s Accessorise Prototype video

by vonbismark

I’m extremely pleased to have made an extremely rough around the edges video of the fully functional Von Bismark Accessorise.

The ‘Accessorise’ is the first in a new wave off NUI ( Natural User Interface )  applications Von Bismark will release in the coming months that allow consumers to interact with digital information in a physical way – essentially marrying all of the benefits of the online world with the physical Out of Home market.

The platform not only allows for a completely natural way for a consumer to interact with the  system without any inputs such as touch, mice or keyboards,  it also lets consumers find out where the item is located, it’s price and any other useful information. A consumer can also take a picture and send a customised branded photo to their friends – thus allowing a brand to share it’s positive brand story via word to mouth communications of consumers.

Probably the most powerful aspect from an advertising point of view is the rich suite of analytics that allow you to

  • Track how many users passed the machine
  • What items the user looked at
  • What was the favourite item looked at per action
  • What was the favourite item looked at per time spent
  • What users looked for point of purchase locations
  • How many users took their picture with the handbag
  • How many people shared their picture with friends
If you would like to find out more please drop eoghan an email at eoghan@vonbismark.com